Pastor Teresa has a heart to minister to women, especially hurting women.

Christian women are one of the greatest assets in the world and have been since the days of the early church.

The family, the church and the world benefits from a woman who has an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and knows not only the power she has been given by God, but also the awesome responsibility that He has entrusted her with. Whether partnering with her husband, raising her children or serving the church and community, she is an amazing sight to see. A rare and wonderful gift!

The enemy would love to make us as women less effective, so to do that he messes with our confidence and causes us to feel “less than”.

Pastor Teresa believes that God wants to remove our shame, heal our brokenness, and remind us of who He has called and anointed us to be. It’s time to quit listening to the lies of the enemy about who we are “not” and start listening to the Holy Spirit about who we really are!

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