As a Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God, Pastor Teresa has been called to bring the gospel to Senior Citizens that are currently living under their own “means” in high rise apartment buildings in downtown Atlanta, GA. Many of these seniors are capable of living on their own, but are not comfortable or able to get “around town” any longer. This includes attending church on a regular basis. Some of them are caring for their life “partners” which are no longer ambulate. How grateful they are to have their Pastor come to them each week bringing not only the gospel but love, friendship, encouragement and prayer support.

Pastor Teresa Rolls is a Missionary Candidate currently itinerating to raise her budget. On their own, these seniors are not financially able to support a Pastor. As well, the companies that manage these faculties will not allow for “offerings” to be taken on the premises. Please help us insure that these precious people can continue to have their Pastor bring church to them each week with a monthly pledge or a one-time financial gift.

R.E.D. Int’l Ministries is a Non Profit, 501C-3 organization that is faith based.  Our vision is to bring healing to people everywhere by restoring their hopes and dreams regardless of race, age, or social status. We believe we can accomplish this by encouraging, teaching and training through Bible Studies for Seniors,  Small Group Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Worship, Mission trips, Outreach and Evangelism training.

 The Board of R.E.D Int’l Ministries is comprised of the following members:

  • Rev. Teresa Rolls
  • Katie Rolls- Palmer
  • Rev. Randy Scalise
  • Rev. Phillip Wall
  • Libby Maddux